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the digital chyavanprash

spoonfuls of our brand tonic for your delightful transformations online

the knock-out punch

reflexes & endurance to make you win digital combats in brand & business rivalries

the triumphant toast

sumptuous digital experiences to become a favourite in the world of brand tasting
Discover your market

voyages through the right door in a
sea of wonderful opportunities

sometimes, it ails the most confident of us, this evil fear of experimentation. here’s our compass to guide the digital voyages of your ideas, in vast expanses of the internet world!
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village wi-fi

are our villages faring better than our cities in their understanding of the power of internet

the world of a global traveller

cab apps, travel apps, city apps & restaurant apps

better business

cafes with wi-fi are earning 20% more revenues than ones without

deals & discounts

check offline, buy online – the mantra is resulting in higher cart abandonments in-store


everyone with smart phone uses atleast 1 app
Discover e-commerce

Scorching sales

intrepid internet companies are expanding geographies at the speed of light! Are they the new multi-nationals or is the world becoming one nation?

idiosyncrasies of identities

stop snooping on competitor’s website & succeed by adopting the apt idiosyncrasy from below