“Punjab likes tea with extra milk, so Hindustan Lever sells stronger blends in the state. The brand names are the same, the packaging is pan India, but the tea itself changes from region to region. Welcome to the era of micromarkets where one size no longer fits all.” – read the first few lines of an article in India’s leading business newspaper. While FMCG companies are waking up to micromarkets only now, the world of digital marketing has been a subscriber to the concept of micromarkets since a longer time. 

For all businesses each of the three generations viz. Gen X, Millennials & Gen Z makeup a very important market. But every generation has its own unique way of consuming digital media. Millennials, as an example, were the early adopters of social media and love to put their personal and professional lives on display. Hence they gravitate more towards mediums such as Facebook. But, unlike millennials, Gen Zers have never known a world without social media, are seen as more private and hence like using time sensitive platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. Choosing between Facebook or Instagram and Snapchat as your marketing platform will depend on the generation that you are targeting.

Similarly, apart from generation, every geography and every language is a unique digital micromarket. For example, while Rajasthan shows greater interest in the search queries for face powder, Tamil Nadu shows more interest for makeup foundation. Karnataka shows a greater search interest for hair loss, while West Bengal shows it for damaged hair. While metro cities prefer English as their primary language, non-metro cities are comfortable using vernacular languages. When we put these layers of information together, we have a world of hundreds of digital micromarkets. And brands that win these digital micromarkets, will win India.

But identifying the correct digital micromarkets is a huge challenge for marketers, and this is where our artificial intelligence platform comes to the rescue. Our artificial intelligence platform – ThinkBots – allows marketers not just to identify their digital micromarkets, but also to zoom-in on the most impactful ones and then to win them over. 

What should your next step be?

If your wish is to win over India then, very clearly, your next step should be to identify the most impactful digital micromarkets for your brand. But you don’t have to worry about ‘how to identify these digital micromarkets?’ – because we will do that for you. Please reply to this email with the date & time and we will be happy to get you started.