Today, AI chatbots are popular across social platforms. So, it’s time that your website should also have an AI chatbot. And, here are some reasons why:

1. AI chatbots improve customer service

Human attendants can sometimes react to customers based on mood, but AI chatbots don’t. They are programmed to follow certain guidelines. Even if customers are rude and use foul language, an AI chatbot treats them politely.

2. AI chatbots are proactive

Proactive customer interaction means AI chatbots are able to address many points before they become issues.

3. AI chatbots enhance user engagement

Improving user engagement is essential as it helps businesses retain customers. An AI chatbot helps users make informed decisions by offering exciting information.

4. AI chatbots offer personalised experience

AI chatbots are designed to gather information about users and offer them recommendations based on their purchase history thus offering a very personalised experience.

5. AI chatbots help generate leads

An AI chatbot can follow up the user from the time they visit the website to the time they become a lead or make a purchase. During this time, an AI chatbot provides all the information the customer needs about your business.

6. AI chatbots never go out of capacity

When you have many visitors frequenting your website, chances are high that your employees will not be able to cater to every visitor. On the other hand, an AI chatbot can handle unlimited users by simultaneously interacting with all visitors.

7. AI chatbots don’t get bored

Repetitive tasks can become boring which leads to errors. AI chatbot eliminates the errors by automating the workflow.

When more people prefer chatting to calling, you definitely need an AI chatbot

Still not convinced? You’ll surely be when you know that today more people prefer CHATTING to CALLING. AI chatbots are definitely a great way to enhance your website experience and strengthen your brand. If you did like to begin straight away, please reply to this email with the date & time and we will be happy to get you started.