What is the first thing that you do when a video pop-ups on your Facebook feed or if you search for a video on Youtube? You peek at its length and think if it is worth your time. Is that right? Whether it is due to a short attention span or due to the need to get quickly to the point, the fact is that we all have less patience. This is true even when it comes to videos.


Here’s what a study revealed about videos & their engagement rates:


#1 – Marketers have just 10 seconds to engage an audience and call them to action

After these 10 seconds, the engagement rate drops off significantly and the audience will continue to scroll down to browse for more videos.


#2 – After 30 seconds, you’ve likely lost 33% of viewers

It’s extremely critical to engage your audience in the first 30 seconds, post which the drop off rates become even more relentless.


#3 – After 1 minute, 45% of your viewers would have stopped watching

If your viewers are not tolerant for longer documentary style videos, only 50% of your audience would continue watching your video after 60 seconds.


No wonder, that 56% of all videos published lately have been less than 2 minutes long, and 9 out of 10 videos watched on Facebook are under 2 minutes. With more than 80% of the internet data consumption happening over videos, it is important that brands clearly focus on the length of their videos and keep them under 2 minutes.


For your brand, we would be happy to create interesting 30 second, 45 second and 1  minute videos that your audience would absolutely love and engage with. Please reply to this email with the date & time convenient to you and we will be happy to meet you.