When India’s Civil Aviation Ministry launched its ambitious UDAN program (Ude Desh Ka Aam Nagrik), it had a challenging question ahead of it – which network of cities and regional airports would maximise convenience for most people without creating redundancies?

To find a solution, the ministry needed to answer a host of complex questions:

  • Where is demand the greatest?

Which areas have both broad interest in travel and the broad affluence needed to afford that travel?

  • What is the optimal network of airports?

Which airports would get people to where they want to go while reducing their travel overhead and working well with country’s existing railway & road network

  • How will economic and sociological growth impact these equations?

What will be the growth of such airports over the next 30 years? 50 years?

The solution – LOCATION CASTING.

The ministry tied up with Google to find the answer. From travel specific searches like ‘Surat to Bengaluru travel’ to economy specific searches like ‘Freight forwarders in Ludhiana’, Google’s engineers parsed vast amount of data and coupled it with machine learning, artificial intelligence and data analytics to suggest a list of cities that would best unlock India’s latent air travel demand.

Location casting can offer great competitive advantage for almost every industry. So be it opening your next retail outlet, and building your next warehouse to installing the next ATM, in today’s data driven world, solutions like location casting can help you take data-informed business decision.

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