With the ability to collect data, analyse it, apply it and learn from it – AI is all set to transform digital marketing.

While the potential is infinite, here are four ways AI has started making digital marketing more effective:

Better User Experience

Do you know what content on your website is working for your audience basis their location, past behaviour and historical data? It’s true that when the content is relevant to the visitor, they are more likely to convert. And, AI can certainly help you in spotting what’s working and what’s not.

Voice Search Technology

Every major tech company have their voice assistants – Amazon has Alexa, Google has Google Assistant, Apple has Siri, Microsoft has Cortona and Samsung has Bixby. AI can help you write your site to coincide with voice searches and help you feature as the top result. Now that would certainly help you with brand awareness, won’t it?

Personalised Data

AI based insights help you in understanding user behaviour and personalise the experience for specific user groups. Personalising user experience helps you to create stronger conversion funnels by helping you concentrate on leads that are more likely to convert.

Real-Time Customer Support

All users seek a quick response for a good digital experience. AI chatbots with their human-like response give users an impression of talking to an actual customer service executive. Available 24×7, AI chatbots take the user engagement many notches higher.

AI is the next big thing in digital marketing and we can help you transition your digital marketing to AI enabled. Please reply to this email with the date & time convenient to you and we will be happy to meet you…

Bringing AI into Digital Marketing
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