ORBE means ‘online retail business environment’

Some nice food for thought

Online retail business environment

ORBE is our bundled service offering that begins with the brain-storming, shifts over to e-store operations and strategises & activates the store’s integrated digital marketing.

The big picture

ORBE begins with the big picture in mind. Unravelling the when, why, where, why & how of the seed-idea, ORBE creates a point based action plan that flags off the e-commerce journey. Psst! Got a seed idea that thrills you? Just say when you would like its transition to begin.

Setting up the foundation

Even though retail is sprinting towards the online platform, the basic fundamentals of retail still hold true. At this stage, ORBE sets the operational framework for category management, product display, customer experience, pricing strategy and a few more functions. This is also when the technology is mapped with the business scenarios to give birth to that creature we call flowcharts! And, did we mention that we help you set-up the processes in your back office too...

The set-up done, let’s get the marketing activated

It’s time to present your secret sauce to the world. On a level of criticality, we would label marketing as the ‘take-off’ or the ‘let-off’ phase. Turbulence could always be expected, so it’s important to stay-put, with the seat belt on.

Why ORBE works

1) Retail experience. We have worked and learned category management, merchandising, visual merchandising, customer service, ticket offers & promotions

2) SOP: ‘Standard Operations Process’ oriented approach to manage your e-store backend on 6 key borad areas viz. product management, sale & offer management, inventory management, shipping management, customer management, invoice management

3) Sales Forward TM: An integrated digital campaign planning & activation process benchmarked with projected sales targets

4) Analytics & Reports: Intelligent analytics & reporting on a bi-weekly basis to aid business decisions

5) Competitor mapping: A point-by-point comparison with 3 key competitors to track achievements, gauge success orientation & analyse market sentiments