In March 2018, Youtube completed 10 years in India. That Youtube is hugely popular in India is no surprise. But Youtube’s India story is more fascinating. Here’re some things you should know about Youtube India:


#1 – India is No.1

India is Youtube’s No.1 fastest growing market in the world and has witnessed close to 100% growth in the last 2 years.


#2 – Youtube has the widest reach in India

With 225 million active users, Youtube reaches 80% of India’s internet population, thus making it the gold standard for video discovery & viewing in India.


#3 – Videos engage Indians more

As per Youtube, Indians are more engaged video viewers as compared to rest of the world, as more than 65% of video viewers subscribe to channels


#4 – Making videos go viral

As Youtube reaches out to 85% of highly engaged users (over 18 years) who see the video within 48 hours of it going live, Youtube is the go-to platform to make your videos go viral


#5 – Domination of non-metros and regional languages

Close tp 60% of all video consumption comes from non-metros and 90% of all video consumption happens in local languages


#6 – Most popular regional languages

Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam are the most popular regional languages and have seen a 200% rise in viewership


#7 – No. of channels with million+ subscribers

Youtube India has 300 channels with more than a million subscribers each. In 2014 there were only 14 channels with a million+ subscribers


#8 – Indians love their ads

7 out of every 10 Indians watch the full ads with audio turned on


#9 – By 2020

India would have 500 million online video viewers by 2020


#10 – Make it for India and take it to the world

Youtube Go, a lightweight data friendly version of Youtube app was first launched in India. Especially made for areas with poor network connectivity, Youtube Go allows users to stream and download videos at multiple resolutions, and also preview videos before downloading


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