It has been nearly 21 years since Google was launched. And, in these 21 years not only has Google search changed, but the way users perform online searches has also changed. Here are 5 big things about search engines that have changed over two decades:

1. The search revolution

Earlier, you would turn to your friends or parents or teachers to know the answer to a question you had. But today, search engines have become the knowledge gurus. Chances are high that the first resource you turn to whenever you have a question is search.

2. The launch of voice assistants

Innovations like Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple’s Siri all make extremely easy for users to search. All you need to do is give a command. Thanks to voice assistants, kids as young as 4 years know how to perform a search.

3. What you “mean” is more important than what you “type”

As per Google, 70% of the searches Google Assistant receives are in natural, conversational language. As a result, Google processes your search query and interprets its meaning to offer you the most relevant results.

4. Becoming a destination

In its young days, the aim of Google was to send people to the best website in the shortest possible time. 21 years after its launch, Google has today become a destination in itself. For many simple questions such as ‘When was Google founded’ the results appear right on the search page!

5. Search engine rank has become subjective

Google’s search algorithm, RankBrain, uses the power of AI and machine learning to provide the best results contextual to you. The best results for two people searching for the word ‘Garam Masala’ could be completely different. While one user might want the recipe, the other might be looking for a shop to buy it. This means that your website’s ranking is no longer absolute – it’s subjective and varies with every user!

AI, machine learning & voice searches are demanding marketers to relook at their search marketing goals. A marketer that truly knows how to benefit from voice search is likely to grab a major share of organic search traffic. And that’s exactly what we can do to your brand – make it dominate voice search results! Please reply to this email with the date & time and we will be happy to meet you.

Search engines that have changed over two decades
Voice search is here and…