Since the dawn of digital advertising, marketers have used video advertising for upper-funnel brand awareness and search advertising for lower-funnel direct response. This approach has always made one wonder: If a brand wanted to use the power of video’s sight, sound and motion to drive consumer action, would it work? The answer was a resounding “yes” for America’s Hawaiian Airlines.

How did the campaign work?

In preparation for the busy summer schedule, Hawaiian Airlines wanted to follow-up with people who were considering visits to Hawaii. To do this, the airline setup a typical search campaign focussing on brand keywords like “Hawaiian Airlines” and non-branded  keywords like “Flights to Hawaii”. It then created a set of 15-second and 30-second video ads using YouTube’s direct response format. The direct response format invited users to click-through to “See Fares” where they were directed to the landing page and shown the prices relevant to their area. To ensure high precision, the airlines bought over the keywords that worked the best on search to YouTube. The campaign was an astounding success with 185% increase in flight bookings and 69% reduction in cost per acquisition.

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