More and more brands are leveraging chatbots to service their customers, market their brand, or sell their products. Many brands have now started using AI for their chatbots, but most of them have leveraged AI only to improve upon aspects like reducing the customer wait time, reducing human errors etc. And as always, there are always brands that stand out. 

So we bring you 5 companies who are thinking different with AI chatbots.

An AI chatbot for dementia patients

Russian technology company, Endurance, developed a companion chatbot which identifies deviations in regular conversational communications that may indicate a problem with immediate memory recollection and thus predict if the respondent is suffering from dementia. The company hopes their chatbot will help doctors, scientists, researchers better understand how dementia affects the brain.

An AI chatbot for insomniacs

Do you suffer from insomnia and feel lonely as the entire world around you sleeps peacefully? Casper, the mattress company, has built an AI chatbot for all those who suffer from insomnia. The chatbot engages the users in simple conversation and aims to someday be capable of putting insomniacs to sleep, remotely through a pleasant conversation.

An AI chatbot that solves crimes

Disney used one of the characters, Lieutenant Judy Hopps, from its animated movies as the face & name of it’s AI chatbot. Younger audiences who visited the website were engaged by the chatbot by involving them to solve fictional crimes. Users were asked to make suggestions on Lieutenant’s next steps. 

Using AI chatbots to conduct surveys

UNICEF used AI chatbot to conduct large scale data gathering. Through this approach, UNICEF was able to urge people in developing nations to speak about their most pressing needs and used this data for potential policy recommendations.

Using AI chatbots to bring your mascots to life

Unilever converted the television ad campaign into a fully interactive chatbot. The chatbot was disguised as the product’s mascot and immensely helped in creating brand awareness.

So, what does this mean for your brand?

When it comes to AI chatbots, you can choose to either think traditional or think big. Isn’t this fascinating?

But, if you are one of those brands who hasn’t even embraced an AI chatbot so far, you need to get started immediately. Whether you wish to get started immediately with an AI chatbot or be extremely creative in your use of AI chatbot, please reply to this email with the date & time and we will be happy to meet you and get you started.