Presenting, the technology unicorns – companies that have been valued at $1 billion (approximately INR 6400 crores) or higher based on their fundraisings. In this list, we have only considered companies related to internet technology and have not included 4-5 companies in sectors such as Big Data Analytics, Medical Science & Real Estate.
Of the 19 companies in the list, 7 are from India – something that makes us extremely proud. Another 7 are from the United States, 4 from China and just 1 from Europe. While billion dollar tech start-ups are not a surprise in the US, for India it is a matter of great achievement and speaks of the entrepreneurial brilliance of our country’s youth.
As the start-up environment gets more fertile, India will see a lot more billion dollar tech start-ups dominate the global economy. We are sure that the next big Google or Facebook idea would be from India.

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