If you’re a fan of reality television shows, the chances are you would be following Dance Deewane S2 on Colors TV.  Among all the contestants, the story of 21 year old Vishal Sonkar is most fascinating. Vishal is from Jamshedpur – a city which until now was famous for Tata’s steel plant. But now, the city is known as the home of Vishal Sonkar, who is one of the strongest contenders to win season 2. Vishal is a food delivery partner and has seen poverty right through his childhood. 

But it’s not his story of overcoming poverty that has fascinated us. It is the fact that Vishal has had no formal training in dance. Neither did Vishal have any money to learn dance, nor did he have the time to attend a dance class. Determined to learn dance, Vishal turned to YouTube and has excelled at his trade. His every performance has received a standing ovation by the judges who have been astonished on the number of dance genres & styles that Vishal has learnt from YouTube.

Vishal is only one among the many Indians who consider YouTube as their guru. Anudeep Durishetty, the topper of 2017 civil services examination (IAS exams), also attributed his success to the learning he did via YouTube videos. From studies, to learn new skills, or to simply fix things at home, for millions of Indians YouTube is Dronacharya. 

A study by YouTube revealed that

  • 71% of online video viewers go first to YouTube to watch videos to learn something new.
  • When millennials want to learn something new, they choose to go to YouTube and hence it is not a metro phenomenon anymore.
  • Hence, it’s not surprising that regional language content has been growing very fast on YouTube. Thanks to the low data cost, users from tier 2 and 3 cities are flocking to YouTube to learn the content, in the language of their choice.

So, what does this mean for your brand?

YouTube is a great platform to connect with your consumers. As a brand, YouTube allows you to transition from merely providing a product or a service, to delivering a unique experience to all your consumers through content that matters the most to them. And brands that ace this strategy are the ones who are going to dominate the market which will soon be heavily dominated by millennials and Genzers. 

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