As per a recent report by Google, as much as $45 Billion of FMCG will be digitally influenced by 2020. This means that no longer can FMCG companies, big or small, prioritise digital marketing as secondary. With so much of market influenced digitally, FMCG companies need to shift gears and adopt a digital first approach for marketing. And the formula for winning this opportunity is 3’V’s – Video, Vernacular, Views.

The 1st V – VIDEO

In urban areas, the reach of digital on video has already reached 2/3rds of the households. And it’s not just entertainment videos that are getting consumed. ‘How to’ videos have seen a growth of 3X in the past one year. This means that videos are today a major source of research & information for consumers.


In the past 2 years, the volume of vernacular language searches has grown by 10X. As compared to English language videos on YouTube, vernacular language videos have grown 2X faster and Hindi language videos have grown 5X faster. This means that the internet is becoming truly ‘Indian’ and penetrating different socio-economic strata.

The 3rd V – VIEWS

Online influencers, also known as advocates, who have already amassed a large subscriber base are now considered a new source of trust by internet users. This means that these influencers have become critical for the brands to win the digitally connected customer.

But the question is – who is going to consume a majority of this digitally influenced FMCG?

It is estimated that the percentage of affluent & elite households will rise from 8% to 10% by 2020. And, it is these 10% households that are going to account for a whopping 60% of the digitally influenced FMCG consumption.

So here’s our reality v/s action plan for FMCG companies:

Reality: Digitally influenced spend in FMCG to rise to $45 Billion by 2020

Action Plan: Leverage digital across touch points in consumer journey to shape digital influence

Reality: Significant growth of 3’V’s (Video, Vernacular, Views) – important to win consumers

Action Plan: Actively create and shape strategy around 3’V’s

Reality: 10% of households to account for 60% of FMCG spend by 2020

Action Plan: Invest in data driven marketing to win these households

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The 3’V’s of Digital Marketing
The 3’V’s of Digital Marketing