Pringles® – the snack chips brand owned by Kellogg’s is a unique chip from everything else in the market because it’s stackable. The wide variety, accuracy & uncommonness of its flavours make the chips even more unique.


This uniqueness earned Pringles® lots of fans who uploaded many food hack videos on Youtube featuring their own unique recipes created by stacking different flavours. This insight became the ‘A-Ha’ moment for the brand who created a campaign grounded in the premise of flavour stacking.


After activating the the campaign with a Youtube ad on flavour stacking, Pringles® followed it up with a series of 6-second bumper ads that were unleashed on Youtube in the build up to the super bowl. The bumper ads encouraged users to try one of the 286,927 flavour combinations possible.


The campaign results were spectacular. Pringles® delivered over 60 million impressions, garnering huge levels of brand engagement and accelerated growth making one out of every 5 consumers to try their own flavour stacking.


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