How has your year been so far? Even when it is a relatively calm year, moments like holidays, festivals, sports tournaments, national days etc. break up the day-to-day routine. These moments make the year more eventful and also affect your target audience’s shopping habits.

During the year, there are many moments, such as,

  • Season Change
  • Kids Going Back to School
  • Cricket Tournaments
  • Republic Day & Independence Day
  • Festivals
  • New Years
  • Flipkart & Amazon Sales
  • Wedding Season etc.

These moments definitely affect consumer behaviour, with people often searching for products and deals. So it’s a smart strategy to research what moments are most important to your consumers and run targeted Moment-Based Marketing Campaigns during those times.

You don’t need to run marketing for all such moments. You should only select the moments that share themes and emotions with your brand identity. For example, a bank might run moment-based marketing for its personal loan products during wedding season but not do anything during a season change. Similarly, a fashion brand might run moment-based marketing campaign during season change, but not during a cricket tournament.

Further, each Moment-Based Marketing can be assigned a goal:

  • Driving sales
  • Building brand awareness
  • Creating more engagement
  • Or accomplishing a few of these things together

These type of Moment-Based Marketing Campaigns are the best way to capitalise on the opportunities that each special moment offers.

For your brand, we would be happy to create your Moment-Based Marketing Calendar 2019 that will propel your brand to the top. Please reply to this email with the date & time convenient to you and we will be happy to meet you.