Imagine you’re renovating your home and you head to a home appliance store to buy a water purifier or a food processor. Standing in the aisle, you are overwhelmed by the number of choices you have. Instead of going back home and doing more research, would you pull out your phone and watch a video? 

If your answer is yes, then you are part of a growing group of shoppers for whom video is becoming indispensable when they are ready to buy.

Google surveyed over 24,000 shoppers across 10 countries to better understand how this group of shoppers used videos online. Their survey revealed very interesting ways in which the world is using videos at the end of their shopping journeys, and here are the key findings:

1] 55% of shoppers said they used videos while actually shopping in-store

2] Video is the new shopping list

Many shoppers have foregone handwritten or digital shopping lists. Instead they prefer watching a video to for their shopping list. Imagine a shopper wishes to cook chicken biryani. Instead of writing down all the ingredients, the shopper will prefer watching a chicken biryani cooking recipe video and buy all the ingredients that the host in the video used.

3] More than half of the shoppers said that online video has helped them decide which specific brand they should buy

4] Video is the tie-breaker

When shoppers are confused between two brands and need to take a final call, they rely on videos to determine which product suits their needs better. People also rely on YouTube influencer recommendations on the product they like.

So, what does this new video consumption behaviour for your brand?

While shoppers have for a long time relied on videos at the start of their buying journey, videos are now also being used at the end of the buying journey. The video has thus also become the new store assistant. 

As a brand, your video strategy needs to take note of this new buyer behaviour and have a video strategy in place to cater to it.

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