Did you know that in 2018, the world had an estimated 228 million cases of malaria? That’s 91 times the number of coronavirus cases that the world currently has. Isn’t it surprising that hardly anyone in the world knew about hydroxychloroquine? If we apply brain science, this phenomenon doesn’t surprise us at all. That’s because no one believes in ‘digging the well before you’re thirsty’. And this is the exact trap that we are finding all Indian pharmaceutical companies in.

From POTUS Donal Trump to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu everyone has been thanking India for the deliveries of this tablet. Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro even compared this drug with the mythological magical herb – Sanjeevani Buti. There’s no surprise that this humble drug captured the imagination of the world.

From a miniscule 2,000 search queries a month to more than 4,75,000 queries a month in the United States alone pushed this drug in the worldwide trending list. But if you googled hydroxychloroquine, you would have observed that there’s not even a single Indian pharmaceutical company that ranks on the first 10 pages. We see this as a huge opportunity lost for driving international brand awareness and getting international business.

But these results are not surprising to us. That’s because the Indian pharmaceutical companies haven’t given Google rankings much credibility. And when the opportunity came knocking on the door, they were simply not prepared. Just like humans, the Indian pharma companies too have never believed in ‘digging the well before you’re thirsty’. 

Having lost this opportunity, our question is – Do you want to lose future opportunities? Or do you want to be ready for such opportunities when they come in? If you have chosen the latter, hit reply and we’ll help you out.