People have always sought input from others as they’ve shopped. Today, that information is increasingly coming from digital video. From early-stage browsing to product reviews to learning how to use a product, people turn to a wide range of video content to find ideas and inspiration that drive buying decisions.

So, let’s look at the compelling video shopping story in numbers:

Shopping begins with video

80% shoppers watching a video related to the product, watched the video at the start of their shopping process.

Shoppers prefer to learn more with videos

Shoppers prefer to learn using the product with a video. Unsurprisingly more than 7300 years of home learning videos have been watched in just the past 2 years

Video is the new store salesman

Whether it’s tagging along on video shopping trips with influencers or learning specific details about the product, shoppers are turning to real people they feel they can trust. The watch times of such videos have therefore increased

  • 10x increase in “Shop with me” videos
  • 12x increase in “Does it work” videos
  • 2x increase in “Everything you need to know” videos

Digital video is the new instruction manual

  • 50,000 years of product review videos watched in the past 2 years
  • Users are 3x more likely to prefer watching a YouTube video tutorial than reading the product’s instructions

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