Chandan Bagwe, Founder, C Com Digital, talks about digital micro-markets and the need for a digital approach to simplify age-old manual processes and transform the business into an automation-embracing platform.

The ease at which organizations and entrepreneurs introduce new businesses, develop goods and services, and extensively market themselves, has given rise to an expansion of micro-markets, which capture very narrow demographic areas with often unexpectedly profitable results.


Contextual advertising, the path to impactful business: Chandan Bagwe guides Entrepreneurs & Start-ups

With the global digital explosion, marketing has evolved too and online advertising has become the core of business, especially relevant for start-ups. In an attempt to mentor the new entrepreneurs and upcoming brands on this immensely important concept, C Com Digital, the leading techno digital marketing agency in Mumbai, recently held two insightful sessions by Chandan Bagwe, Founder and Managing Director of the company.

The Story Of 21 Year Old Food Delivery Boy Vishal Sonkar Learning Dance From YouTube

If you’re a fan of reality television shows, the chances are you would be following Dance Deewane S2 on Colors TV.  Among all the contestants, the story of 21 year old Vishal Sonkar is most fascinating. Vishal is from Jamshedpur – a city which until now was famous for Tata’s steel plant. But now, the city is known as the home of Vishal Sonkar, who is one of the strongest contenders to win season 2. Vishal is a food delivery partner and has seen poverty right through his childhood. 

Winning India By Winning Digital Micromarkets

“Punjab likes tea with extra milk, so Hindustan Lever sells stronger blends in the state. The brand names are the same, the packaging is pan India, but the tea itself changes from region to region. Welcome to the era of micromarkets where one size no longer fits all.” – read the first few lines of an article in India’s leading business newspaper. While FMCG companies are waking up to micromarkets only now, the world of digital marketing has been a subscriber to the concept of micromarkets since a longer time. 

Incorporating Artificial Intelligence In Your Online Store - The Why & How

Incorporating Artificial Intelligence In Your Online Store – The Why & How

Imagine you run an offline grocery store. You have a set of regular customers and are very well versed with their buying habits. Knowing your customer well allows you to offer a personalised experience to each one of them. You know Mrs. Sharma buys whole wheat bread once a week and every time she does, you remind her to buy table butter and cheese slices. You will not hesitate recommending a new brand of whole wheat bread to Mrs. Sharma, because you know she prefers it. These virtues, of you as a shopkeeper, creates customer delight, which has resulted in Mrs. Sharma becoming your loyal customer.

The 3’V’s of Digital Marketing

The 3’V’s of Digital Marketing

As per a recent report by Google, as much as $45 Billion of FMCG will be digitally influenced by 2020. This means that no longer can FMCG companies, big or small, prioritise digital marketing as secondary. With so much of market influenced digitally, FMCG companies need to shift gears and adopt a digital first approach for marketing. And the formula for winning this opportunity is 3’V’s – Video, Vernacular, Views.