Chatbots have already brought a new way for brands to communicate with their customers. Driven by fixed rules and artificial intelligence, these chatbots have the ability to chat just like a real person. Additionally, chatbots are equipped with machine learning, which means that the more conversations chatbots have, the more intelligent they become. What this means is that chatbots can understand language, and not just commands which makes them truly intelligent.

These intelligent chatbots are becoming indispensable and here are some benefits that they bring in:

1. Increasing Business Through Better Customer Service

Not everyone is an expert online shopper, and most people who shop online need some kind of assistance. They might want to know more about certain products or might not be sure about the proper size/fit. They could be wanting to know more about return policy, payment methods or could also be facing problems of checkout or navigation. If left unattended, a brand is sure to lose out on such customers. But chatbots, with real time extensive customer service, can help win these customers.

2. 24×7 Customer Support

Today’s ‘always connected’ customers expect customer support also to be always available – all day, all night, on weekends and even on holidays. The good part is that AI chatbots don’t get tired, don’t take off on weekends, and also don’t need holidays. AI chatbots thus present a very cost-effective way of meeting customer expectations.

3. Proactive Customer Interaction

What happens when you visit, for example, an electronics store? A sales person attends you the moment you enter the store, understands your requirement and demonstrates the best options available in the store. An AI chatbot does exactly this – mimics a sales person, but for your online store. With proactive customer interaction, AI chatbots can make your customers feel that they are ‘cared’ for. 

4. Increased Customer Engagement

Manual chatbots have their limitations. The person manning the chat support will be interested in closing the interaction quickly and moving on to the next one. In doing so, the chat assistant could give more information than required by the customer, leaving them confused or even fuming. But AI chatbots are built to provide only the information that is more relevant to the customer. This increases customer engagement and also raises the perception of the brand. What’s more? AI chatbots can handle unlimited queries simultaneously, thus helping brands achieve great scale.

5. Quality Lead Generation

By asking the right set of questions, an AI chatbot can differentiate between a quality lead and a junk lead. This helps companies saves many man-hours, as the sales team can focus only on the quality leads. This becomes very crucial for B2B brands whose lead generation involve long questionnaires.

Employing chatbots that complement humans, a brand can not only greatly improve efficiency, but also save costs. AI chatbots & humans together make a winning team. Your brand also has a lot to benefit from AI chatbots, and we recommend you to get started immediately. If you did like to begin straight away, please reply to this email with the date & time and we will be happy to get you started.

AI Chatbots & Humans Together Make A Winning Team