Youtube is increasingly becoming an essential tool for marketers. And, it’s hardly a surprise as Youtube has an estimated 1.57 billion users, reaches more 18-49 year olds than any other TV channel and can be accessed in 76 different languages. With 59% of executives prefering to watch video to text, Youtube allows marketers to present content in a unique way that is easy for viewers to consume and share.

But before you start thinking about creative ideas, here’s a list of type of Youtube videos that you should consider for your brand.

#1 – Customer Testimonials

These videos can help build your product credibility

#2 – Product Demonstration Videos

These help in showing the proper use & benefits of your product

#3 – Explainer and Tutorial Videos

These in-depth videos are a great way to answer customer support questions

#4 – Thought Leader Interviews

These can significantly amplify your brand’s credibility

#5 – Case Studies

These videos are a great way to reinforce the success of your product or marketing campaigns

#6 – Youtube LIVE

This is a great way to connect in real-time with your fans & followers

#7 – Video Blogs

These are a great way to connect with your audiences on a daily or weekly basis

#8 – Event Videos

A great way to bring showcase in-person the excitement & energy of the crowd at an event

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