Welcome to the world of scorching sales & intrepid internet companies.

Real needs, real solutions!

Market places are not a flash in the pan. They are progressive technology companies that are offering real solutions to our real needs. Just consider this, wasn’t grabbing a taxi a slight headache, which is being remedied by cab market places such as Ola? Can we imagine job hunting the old world way - newspaper classifieds and office walk-inns, without visiting job market places like Naurki? Flight tickets from a ticket agent – no ways! Sounds weird, doesn’t it? Psst! Wish to see our list of favourite market places?

Funding, investments and a global product

CAPITAL. That’s rule no. 1 for any business. Young first-generation entrepreneurs in India are beautifully deciphering the signs of the business world, ‘Prove an Idea, take the Capital and serve the world’. We are on the cusp of time where we can see a true global internet product coming out of India very soon.

A digital India

That’s our Prime Minister’s vision. From social causes, to governance to enterprises, there’s a spectrum of real needs that can find their solution in these online market places. A younger, tech driven entrepreneurial India will drive the next wave of economic boom make Indian digital story a real success.

Our strengths to take your market place idea to fruitition

1) Technology veterans. Since time memorial, we have loved this nerdy creature called ‘technology’

2) Effective marketers. Starting with STP we finish by packaging your secret sauce very creatively

3) Precision activators. We trigger the right activations, at the right time on the right digital platform

4) Trend clairvoyants & creative thinkers. We can help you stay ahead of the curve

5) Tenacious minds. We know how to hold on to an idea and what it takes to do so

Creative Theme, Design Mock-up(s) and User Interface

The creative theme and design mock up are central to the overall look and feel of the project. For the website to match the expected outcome, a detailed process is followed. As this part sets the roadmap for the project, it desires minute level planning and resource allocation.

This part of the project is very comprehensive, requires multiple meetings with all stakeholders and key project executives.

HTML Development, Coding and Design Integration

This stage of the project shall commence after all the necessary approvals for design have been received for the client.

HTML development, coding and design integration require high levels of internal co-ordination. As a standard process, no changes in the scope of the project shall be encouraged, once this stage commences.

Testing and Quality Assurance

To enable a safe alpha launch, a comprehensive testing process has been developed that comprises the following:


The maintenance phase seeks to ensure extended support environments and begins immediately after the project has been handed over to the client.