Let’s intoxicate with the right spirit :)

Some nice food for thought

The flavour

The distinctiveness of an integrated campaign lies in its dominant flavour, the single brand message that is being communicated. Taking in its aroma and twisting it in the mind should allow the TG to discover the many ingredients that the brand actually is.

The blend

Each media carries its own influence and contributes its own flavours to the brand message. The right mix of all media (Digital Properties, Social, Google Paid Search, SEO, PR & Content) blends the utterly distinctive flavours of each to result into one that is relished by the TG.

The age

Aging brings in maturity, lending the ferocity that any blend or flavour requires for making a deep impact. It’s gestation time that the TG necessitates to appreciate & accept the dominant flavour – the single brand message!

And then, the savour

Be it with undivided attention or without, the TG has to savour the spirit of the brand message to feel pleasantly intoxicated, without having to worry about a hangover, but with a desire to come back and consume more!

Being un-coordinated is being evil. Sporadic intent best delivers inconsistency and fails to gain loyalty. It’s an approach that is best avoided. When all aspects, viz. digital property, digital marketing & digital content are integrated by getting observed from a single lens, the impact is akin to single malts – high on taste, impactful in appeal and rich in value! Remember, integrity is the soul of the spirit!