Aim, shoot & GOAL!

Some nice food for thought

It’s the world cup!

Google is a world phenomenon and everyone (read ‘competitors’) participates in it. As zillions of eyes watch & search for you (or miss to watch & search for you) on this big stage, the pressure to perform and please is immense. And remember, it’s a knock-out round!

The draw will always be tough!

And there’s always going to be the big bull (read ‘the leader’) running amok on the field, pushing us aside and eating our pie. Yes, the leaders will always have deeper pockets, bigger & better budgets. So, taming the bull will have challenges of its own - but once tamed, it will lend satisfaction of having pitted your minds against the best (again, read ‘the leader’)!

Breaking the tie...

Having held the competition (we hope you have read ‘the leader’) to a goalless tie is an achievement and declares having ‘arrived’. After only a few, would have fancied your chances. But in brand & business rivalries there’s always a single parking spot and that belongs only to the leader! Breaking the tie is, from here on, a game of endurance & will. It’s important to give your Google paid search ad campaign legs that have strength & agility for making that SPRINT at the crucial moment!

In a way Google Paid Search Ad Campaigns are both simple & complex at the same time. Simple because there are clear benchmarks to measure & evaluate. And complex because there shall always be too many variables, too many ‘if(s) & but(s)’, too many ideas and too many possibilities! We would only say, warm-up well & play with the basics in the mind!

Psst! For a match winning performance, play both your best players viz. Google Ad Search Campaign & Search Engine Optimisation

And winning the match!

And with this comes the title of world champions. This is the new you. And this new would demand a consistent ad campaign performance that ensures your position at No. 1, supreme and unchallenged by none other!

The Necessity

  1. For first page exposure in the top three search engines
  2. Immediate and consistent traffic
  3. Targeted ads
  4. Global reach
  5. Relevance
  6. Targeting and scheduling
  7. Tracking


  1. Google Adwords (PPC) / Facebook PPC / LinkedIn PPC
  2. Other paid and advertised promotions with partners and ad network
  3. (250 + Partner sites)
  4. Goal setting
  5. Keyword preparation
  6. Ad campaign strategy
  7. Creative strategy
  8. Content development
  9. Campaign execution
  10. Reporting and analysis
  11. Ad optimization